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The latest lightweight and windproof materials together with the best available automatic frame make this umbrella to your ideal accessory on the Green. Lightweight, automatic, 100% reliable – your constant companion.


High-end automatic frame with integrated push button in the handle. Extra lightweight materials – ultra thin fiberglass shaft, extra hardened to make it extremely strong and nearly unbreakable. High-quality and highly flexible fiberglass ribs ensure a long lasting item which will not break easily in the wind. The best automatic frame worldwide – reliable, longlasting, lightweight.


Heavy-duty and extra lightweight Polyester Silk fabric, Teflon® treated. Double stitched seams between the panels.


The high-density EVA hard-foam handle with its well-balanced grooved profile is especially comfortable for the hand. The reduced skin contact from the grooves ensures a dry grip even when wet – and it fits into the most golf umbrella holders on the market. With integrated push button in the upper ABS part, with Senosoft coating.

Cap and tips:

Patented safety tips with abrasion protection, 100% fixed on the ribs. Exta strong ABS cap with extra large edge to protect the umbrella canopy when putting in and out of the bag; also suitable to ‘stick into the ground”.

Protective Case:

Practical and convenient with its oval opening and the characteristic piping. Made of robust polyamide fabric.

Why birdiepal automatic?:

- Extremely lightweight and still highly windresistant
- With the best automatic frame, 100% reliable
- Almost completely free of any metal parts
- The handle fits into most of the umbrella holder on the market

You can protect yourself now against UV rays and heat with the brand new . UV protection factor 50+ - TÜV certificate. Surcharge only $4.50.
* outside Silver, inside Black

If you have any inquiry or would like to order, please contact our German headoffice: info@euroschirm.com


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